KPA-HD Series
Heavy Duty Split Frames

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A Key Plant Automation KPA-HD Heavy Duty Split Frame Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machine

KPA-HD – Heavy Duty Split Frames

Unleash the might of Key Plant Automation’s KPA-HD Series, a heavy-duty marvel designed for split frame pipe cutting and bevelling. This versatile powerhouse effortlessly handles cutting, beveling, single-point, counter-bore, and face operations on heavy-wall pipes and flanges.

With eight robust models ranging from 12” to 120”, the KPA-HD is a stalwart in industries like oil, gas, petroleum, chemical, boiler, nuclear power, and power supply construction. Its unique design allows easy installation, and the machine’s split frame capability enhances operational flexibility.

For heavy-wall pipe cutting, bevelling, and flange facing, the KPA-HD’s multi-point jaw clamping ensures a secure hold without compromising material integrity. Experience seamless efficiency with automatic feeding, cutting, and chamfering functions. Choose from a variety of bevelling shapes – “U,” “V,” “J,” double “V,” and compound bevels – tailored to diverse applications.

The KPA-HD offers pneumatic and hydraulic drive options, allowing you to customise the machine to your specific needs. For those requiring a bespoke solution, non-standard models can be manufactured. Elevate your heavy-duty pipe cutting with precision using Key Plant Automation’s KPA-HD Series – where power meets precision.

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Pneumatic Driven KPA-HD Split Frame
ModelMax Wall ThicknessWorking Range in mm (OD)Working Range in inch (OD)


Hydraulic Driven KPA-HD Split Frame
ModelMax Wall ThicknessWorking Range in mm (OD)Working Range in inch (OD)

Above parameters are for reference purpose only

Pneumatic motor

Pneumatic Precision, Effortless Power

Step into seamless performance with our Pneumatic Motor Option. Delivering stability and ease of maintenance, this anti-explosive solution is your key to precision in pipe work. Opt for the double motor option to effortlessly handle heavy wall thickness and large pipes.

Air requirement: 1500-3500L/min @0.63-0.8Mpa
Power: 2HP, 6HP

Pneumatic motor for split frame pipe cutting and bevelling machine

Hydraulic motor

Hydraulic Precision, Unmatched Power

Experience unparalleled strength and efficiency with our Hydraulic Motor Option. Engineered for stable, low-noise performance, this anti-explosive powerhouse is ideal for heavy wall thickness and large pipes.

Hydraulic requirement: 28-50L/min @13Mpa
Electric requirement: 400V 3PH 50/60Hz Rated
Pressure: 13MPa
Rated flow: 28L/min

Hydraulic motor for split frame pipe cutting and bevelling machine