Pipe bevelling machines.

Fast, Easy Setup and Self-Centering Design

Explore the cutting-edge KPI Series by Key Plant Automation, revolutionizing pipe bevelling for peak efficiency. Our lightweight, self-centering KPI bevel machines are crafted for on-site and workshop applications, delivering rapid, high-precision bevels for various shapes. The KPI can be used to make any kind of bevel shape (V – J – compound – facing – counter-bore – shape specific to your drawing). Execute multiple operations simultaneously with a range of cutting tools, powered by next-gen motors for effortless bevelling on challenging materials. Variable speed motors ensure extended blade life. Convert KPI machines into flange facing machines in minutes with our conversion kit, and tailor your setup with different shaft options. Key Plant’s KPI Series stands as one of the fastest, strongest, and most reliable in the market, setting new standards in pipe bevelling precision.

A Key Plant Automation KPI1 Pipe Bevelling machine


0.5 – 1″ Clamping Range

A Key Plant Automation KPI2 Pipe Bevelling machine


1 – 3″ Clamping Range

A Key Plant Automation KPI3 Pipe Bevelling machine


2.3 – 6.2″ Clamping Range

A Key Plant Automation KPI4 Pipe Bevelling machine


2.5 – 8.4″ Clamping Range

A Key Plant Automation KPI5 Pipe Bevelling machine


5.7 – 14″ Clamping Range

Any bevel shape.

Standard Cutting and Bevelling Tools for the KPI Series

Unlock a world of versatility with the Key Plant KPI, your go-to solution for fabricating a diverse array of bevel shapes including V, J, compound, facing, counter-bore, and even those tailored to your unique drawings. The KPI’s exceptional performance is amplified by its ability to execute multiple operations simultaneously, thanks to its cutting-edge design and an impressive array of cutting tools.

Tooling equipment

Fortify your gear.

Premium Storage Solutions for your Key Plant KPI Machine

Elevate the protection and mobility of your Key Plant KPI Series with our optional high-quality, heavy-duty storage cases. Designed with precision and durability in mind, these cases offer military-grade quality, ensuring that your valuable equipment remains safeguarded in any environment. With a dust and water-resistant IP67 rating, your KPI Pipe Bevelling Machines and options are shielded against the elements, providing peace of mind during transportation and storage.

For the heavier machines, the storage case comes with wheels and a pull handle.

A Key Plant Automation Storage Case