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Key Plant cage pipe clamps withstand the most rigorous and repetitive pipework environments



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Cage pipe clamp by Key Plant

Cage pipe clamps

Range KP-CC

Key Plant Cage Pipe Clamps are designed for the quick and accurate line up of pipes. High quality and robust, they are manufactured to withstand the most rigorous and repetitive pipework environments.

Easy to use, Cage Clamps are the perfect and affordable solution for lining up a high volume of pipes that have the same diameter. Our standard catalog of Cage Clamps range from 2″ to 72″, and as the manufacturer we can also develop larger ones on request for those ‘none standard’ pipe sizes.

Optional models also available for stainless steel pipes.



  • Pipe diameter: 2″ – 24″ (51mm – 610mm)
  • Easy to use
  • Built to withstand rigorous and repetitive pipe work
  • Larger sizes available on request
  • Optional models available for Stainless Steel applications

Built to last, made to perform clamping equipment for accurate and fast alignment of pipes.

Pipe diameters 2″ – 24″ (51mm – 610mm)

Pipe welding and fabrication

Single Chain Pipe Clamp specification

Part No.Pipe Size
KP-CC251mm (2″)
KP-CC4102mm (4″)
KP-CC6152mm (6″)
KP-CC8203mm (8″)
KP-CC10254mm (10″)
KP-CC12305mm (12″)
KP-CC14356mm (14″)
KP-CC16406mm (16″)
KP-CC18457mm (18″)
KP-CC20508mm (20″)
KP-CC22559mm (22″)
KP-CC24610mm (24″)

Larger sizes available on request.

Alternative pipe clamps

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3 point pipe clamps

1″ – 14″ (25mm – 356mm) pipe diameters.


gold pipe clamp

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Single chain pipe clamp

Single chain pipe clamps

1″ – 72″ (25mm – 1829mm) pipe diameters.


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