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Buy and rent robust, reliable and cost-effective welding automation, handling and positioning equipment, and more. We are North America’s fastest growing Weld Automation Rental, Sales & Integrating company.

Weld automation, handling and positioning equipment

Choose a global leader

If you are looking for the best innovative automated partner, look no further. With our teams combined experience and countless success stories from global leading customers. Our goal and passion is to help you select and engineer the right solution to maximize your welding and fabrication throughput and help American companies compete at the highest level.

Weld automation rental equipment leaving Key Plant USA facility

Rent equipment

Cost-effective short and long term rentals.

‘Rent-ready’ fleets of tank turning rolls, pipe rollers, headstocks & tailstocks, column and boom manipulators, welding positioners, welding floor turntables and more.

A Key Plant automated welding system installation in North America

System integrator

Global leading automated welding solutions.

We successfully deliver integrated weld automation systems engineered to maximize your welding and fabrication throughput. Check out our product catalog.

Automated can joining system and growing lines for large cylindrical vessels

Growing line systems

Innovative linear precision systems.

Optimize production of wind towers, pipelines, and thin wall materials such as rocket fuel cells, storage tanks and silos.

Key Plant USA is an official distributor and manufacturing partner of K-TIG for the US market

K-TIG Welding Systems

Extreme productivity Keyhole TIG welding.

The industry changing Keyhole TIG welder system is up to 100x faster than TIG/GTAW. We are the first official distributor and manufacturing partner of K-TIG for the US market.

Key Plant pipe fabrication equipment and tools

Pipe fabrication equipment

Your #1 supplier for pipe welding and fabrication equipment.

A one-stop shop for all aspects of pipe production manufacture.

Your #1 automated partner for wind tower and monopile production

Streamline your manufacturing process.

Since 2002, our innovative solutions have helped wind tower manufacturers around the world, increase their production goals.

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