Employee Rewards

June 2020 Winners

It’s all about surrounding yourself with the right people.

Congratulations to Accountant & Financial Controller, Rob Dawson and CNC Machinist, Scott Durose on being chosen for the inaugural ‘Key Plant Employee Rewards’ monthly award.

Each month, a member of the Key Plant management team will choose a winner based on their innovation, attitude, hard work and commitment. For June, due to the dedication in their respected roles – director Kevin Davies, chose two as he felt both were deserving of the award;

Rob joined the Key Plant team in January, his advice and financial expertise being integral; as we opened our new manufacturing and assembly facility in Houston, Texas.

Scott’s ideas and knowledge have helped save time and money in the manufacturing of our products – whilst improving the quality of our Key Plant machinery further. Add to that his endeavour and commitment, Scott has played a major part in getting a number of orders over the line, with flexibility in what have been unprecedented times during the covid-19 outbreak.

To mark their achievement; both were awarded a crate of beer, a bottle of wine for their partners and a certificate. Not a bad end to the month..

July’s winner will be chosen by Fabrication and Production Supervisor Nick Hill.

Stay tuned for July’s winner!

Key Plant employee rewards winner june 2020

Rob Dawson (Left) & Scott Durose (Right)