Company Announcement

Jack’s work experience at Key Plant Automation HQ.

21st July 2023

This week, Key Plant Automation had the pleasure of hosting an exceptional work experience candidate, Jack, who has proven to be a breath of fresh air for our team.

Jack’s enthusiasm, drive, and passion for engineering have left a lasting impression on everyone he worked with. As he embarks on his journey towards a university degree in engineering, we are confident that he will achieve great success in his chosen field.

Work Experience student Jack with Sharon Hughes (HR & HSE Manager) and Steve Grindey (Director of Engineering & Service)

A Driven Individual with a Passion for Engineering

From the moment Jack joined our team, it was evident that he was a driven individual with a genuine passion for engineering. His eagerness to learn and his inquisitive nature made him a standout candidate for this work experience opportunity. Throughout the week, he approached each task with enthusiasm, and his dedication to understanding the intricacies of the engineering process was commendable.

[Photo] Jack with Sharon Hughes (HR & HSE Manager) and Steve Grindey (Director of Engineering & Service).

Learning and Undertaking Various Tasks

During his time with us, Jack had the opportunity to explore different departments at Key Plant Automation. From the Electrical bay, where he gained insights into electrical systems and troubleshooting, to the Machining bay, where he honed his skills in precision manufacturing, and finally to the Assembly bay, where he witnessed the culmination of engineering efforts coming together.

Jack’s ability to grasp complex concepts quickly and apply them in practical situations was truly impressive. He exhibited a high level of adaptability, swiftly transitioning between tasks and demonstrating a keen eye for detail. Whether he was involved in assembling intricate components or assisting with electrical installations, Jack approached each task with precision and a positive attitude.

A Promising Future

As Jack heads towards pursuing a degree in engineering, we have no doubt that he will excel in his studies and make significant contributions to the field. His work experience at Key Plant Automation has provided him with practical insights into real-world engineering practices, laying a strong foundation for his future endeavours.

Jack working on a motor and compressor
Jack soldering during his work experience
Jack assembling a control panel for a welding system
Jack working in the assembly bay

Farewell and Best Wishes

As Jack’s time with us comes to a close, we bid him farewell with warm wishes and genuine pride in having had the opportunity to work with such an exceptional young talent. We are confident that he will carve a successful path in engineering, leaving a mark on the industry with his passion, drive, and dedication.

Jack’s work experience at Key Plant Automation has been nothing short of inspiring. His unwavering passion for engineering and his dedication to learning and undertaking diverse tasks have made him a valuable addition to our team.

We wish him all the best as he embarks on his university degree in engineering.

Jack with Kev from the electrical team
Jack with assembly and fitting team
Jack with Megan and Ben from the electrical team
Jack working on the assembly of a welding positioner