Material hardness testing

Ensuring the long working life of each machine.




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For the Key Plant range of rotator and turning rolls, when steel wheels is the selected option, our team uses material hardness testing to verify and confirm the surface hardness of the rotation wheel.

This practice is crucial to ensure that Key Plant Steel Wheels, prevent work piece damage or wheel cracking and ensuring the long working life of the Key Plant machine.


Material hardness testing verification.

Key Plant manufacture a range of turning rolls, which are capable of handling workpieces from 100kg to over 2000ton in weight. Material hardness testing is an essential part of our manufacturing process – regardless of the S.W.L – it is imperative that all steel wheels are durable, crack proof and the vessel/workpiece remains damage-free throughout its use.

Material hardness testing - mht of rotator steel wheel
Material hardness testing of a steel rotator wheel
Key Plant Material hardness testing analysis
Material hardness testing Key Plant