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A Key Plant Automation HBHS600 Hollow Bore Headstock

5 Tonne
Hollow Bore Headstock

Meet the HBHS600 Hollow Bore Headstock, a precision marvel. Its robust all-steel construction ensures longevity, while the innovative design, featuring a heavy-duty 3-jaw self-centering clamp with a hollow bore, allows workpieces to pass through for secure, precise clamping. Achieve exceptional control and consistency in every weld, effortlessly.

Machine Features
  • 6 Tonne S.W.L Capacity
  • 100-600mm Clamping Range
  • Plug & Socket Pendant
  • Foot Pedal Option
  • UKCA / UL / CSA Options

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

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ModelHBHS600 Hollow Bore Headstock
Capacity5000kg (11000lb)
C.O.G / Eccentricity150mm (6”)
Chuck Clamping Range100mm – 1000mm (4” – 39.3”)
Hollow Bore Clamping Range100mm – 600mm (4” – 23.6”)
Degree of Rotation360°
Rotation Speed0.07 – 3rpm
Overall Height1775mm (69.8”)
Centre Line Height1200mm (47.2”)
Earthing600 Amps
Control/PendantFwd / Stop / Rev / Speed Control / Emergency Stop
Control TypeA.C. Inverter
Power Supply380-480V-3ph (50/60Hz)
Dimensions LxWxHL1100mm x W1550mm x H1775mm (L43.3in x W61in x H69.8in)