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A Key Plant Automation EST - Standard elevating headstock and tailstock system

Elevating Headstock & Tailstock

When precision is paramount in handling large and heavy components, the Key Plant Automation EST35 has you covered. As part of the EST Series, it takes your welding and fabrication operations to the next level.

The EST35 offers smooth, safe, and controlled rotation powered by a moto-reducer that drives the slewing ring. This innovative system provides both stationary and floor rail options, guaranteeing that your projects are not only precise but also highly efficient.

Manufactured with a robust all-steel construction built to endure, the EST35 ensures long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding applications.

Machine Features
  • 35,000lb S.W.L Capacity
  • 1524mm Table Diameter
  • Plug & Socket Pendant
  • UKCA / UL / CSA Options

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

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Capacity35,000lb (15,876kg)
C.O.G / Eccentricity152mm (6”)
Degree of Rotation360°
Rotation Speed0.07rpm – 0.66rpm
Rotation Motors5hp (4.0kW)
Table Diameter60in (1524mm)
Elevation Travel68.5in (1740mm)
Elevation Motor5hp (4.0kW)
Primary Input Power380 to 480V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz (optional 600V, 3 Phase, 60Hz available)
Input Current at Rated Load32 amps
Ground Capacity600 amps
Control CapabilitiesPush button pendant, 33ft (10m) control cable. | Optional: graphic interface via 32″ monitor
Control/PendantTable Forward/Stop/Reverse | Variable speed | Elevate up/Elevate down | Emergency Stop
Weight5,511lb (2500kg)
Height145in (3683mm)
Width58in (1473mm)
Inside Track Width (Tailstock)53in (1346mm)

Options and Features

Gripper Chuck

Add a X3 3 jaw welding gripper chuck to your Headstock for internal and external clamping. We also can design custom jigs and toolings to suit your needs.

Elbow Jigs

We design, manufacture and supply a range of elbow jigs that can handle pipe diameters upto 50″. Ideal for welding elbow joints and alternating direction tasks.

DS14 Diameter Selector

Input the welding diameter of your workpiece. The DS14 automatically calculates the required RPM of the positioner table, and sets the speed demand in the inverter drive (VFD).


The innovative Man-O-Matic controller enables a sequence of pre-determined positions to be set. Contact us for more information.

Precision Control

For workpieces that require the ultimate precision, we can provide rotational speed through a closed loop encoder feedback, for high accuracy speed control.


Create an automated solution and optimise your productivity by integrating your headstock with other Key Plant equipment, like column and boom manipulators.