Hollow Bore Fixed Height Headstocks

Achieve controlled and consistent welds with our HBHS hollow bore headstock series.
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HBHS Series

Achieve highly controlled and consistent welds with Key Plant hollow bore headstocks.

Machines are fitted with a heavy duty 3 jaw self-centering clamp with a hollow bore through the centre of the machine to allow the work piece to pass through and chuck clamp for adjustment.

Our hollow bore headstocks can be used in conjunction with adjustable height support idlers on rails.

Choose from our HSC300 and HSC600 hollow bore headstock models

Specialised designs can be built to suit larger or unique components.

HBHS300 Hollow bore headstock


A Key Plant Hollow bore headstock 600


Maximise flexibility, safety and productivity

Whether welding manually or by automation.

A Key Plant hollow bore headstock part of a pipe cladding system

HBHS specification

Capacity6600lb (3000kg) C of G at 6″ (152mm)11,000lb (5000kg) C of G at 6″ (152mm)
Chuck Clamping Range6in – 24.5in (150mm – 620mm)4in – 39.3in (100mm – 1000mm)
Hollow Bore Clamping Range6in – 12in (150mm – 300mm)4in – 23.6n (100mm – 600mm)
Degree of Rotation360º360º
Rotation Speed0.07 – 1.4rpm0.07 – 3rpm
Overall Height62.9in (1600mm)69.8in (1175mm)
Centre Line Height47.2in (1200mm)47.2in (1200mm)
Earthing600 Amps600 Amps
ControlFwd / Stop / Rev / Speed Control / Emergency StopFwd / Stop / Rev / Speed Control / Emergency Stop
Control TypeA.C. InverterA.C. Inverter
Incoming Supply 16 Amps110V-240V-1Ph 380/480V-3Ph (50/60Hz)380/480V-3Ph (50/60Hz)

Other headstock options

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