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Esser Automation becomes an official Key Plant distributor Partner.

22nd November 2021

Continuing to build on what is already a strong and successful working relationship – Key Plant Automation Ltd is proud to announce that Esser Automation of Germany, is now an official Key Plant distribution partner, covering the Germany and Austria market.

Based in Andernach, 88km south of Cologne, Esser-Automation is an owner-managed company, founded by Martin Esser. Martin has worked in the field of welding technology for more than 25 years and before starting his own business he held leading positions for the largest international manufacturers in the industry.The core business is the rental and sale of welding manipulators and welding equipment. Whether container turning devices, turn-tilt tables, machine carriers with or without welding equipment, special welding equipment and automation technology – Esser Automation is a competent partner for holistic system solutions.

As a global leading manufacturer of ‘built to last, made to perform’ weld automation equipment. Key Plant’s goal is to help companies worldwide, compete at the highest level by maximising their welding and fabrication throughput with reliable, durable and cost-effective equipment and turnkey solutions. With the exciting addition of Esser Automation to Key Plant’s expanding distributor network – another avenue is available for customers to buy and rent Key Plant equipment, when and where they need it.

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“Germany has been and will continue to be a great interest to Key Plant. Our market development strategy is to drive revenue through on the ground direct representation. Esser Automation is a perfect choice to grow and carry out an execution of a strategic partnership and distribution arrangement with Esser Automation, which we believe will accelerate growth for both companies.”

Jon Grigg, Managing Director – Key Plant Automation.

“ESSER-AUTOMATION is the leading service provider in Germany in the field of sales and rental of welding manipulators as well as complex automation solutions. As is well known, many cooks spoil the broth. Our claim is therefore to offer complete solutions from one source. Through the strategic cooperation with Key Plant Automation Ltd, we are significantly expanding our range of services. With its own design and manufacturing facilities, Key Plant is able to respond professionally, but at the same time very flexibly, to the high demands of the German-speaking market. The rental business in particular requires very short reaction times. This is ensured, among other things, by the central warehouse located in the Netherlands and logistics specialists.

In the future, modern industrial companies will only be able to survive on the market with highly specialised and at the same time broadly positioned suppliers. Up to now, this has been a contradiction, which we are resolving through the strategic cooperation between ESSER-AUTOMATION and Key Plant. This puts us in a position to offer a previously unheard-of range of solutions. A promising connection for us and for our customers!”

Martin Esser, Founder and Owner – Esser Automation.

Photo taken at Esser Automation in Andernach, Germany. From left to right: Martin Esser (Founder and Owner, Esser Automation), Jon Grigg (Managing Director, Key Plant Automation).

Photo taken at Esser Automation in Andernach, Germany. From left to right: Martin Esser (Founder and Owner, Esser Automation), Jon Grigg (Managing Director, Key Plant Automation).

Under the terms of the distribution agreement:

Esser Automation will distribute Key Plant’s full product catalogue of its weld automation, handling and positioning equipment range.

Esser Automation will provide sales, rental and service to customers requiring turnkey welding automation solutions.

Contact details.

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Krayerstraße 55,
56626 Andernach,

Tel: +49 2632 4909690
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