Employee Spotlight

Sayer Hendricks - Integration & Service Manager
Sayer joined Key Plant in early 2020, and is Integration & Service Manager at our Key Plant USA facility in Houston, Texas.


About us



What does your role entail?

My role, for all intents and purposes is cradle-to-grave customer service. I ensure that any piece of equipment, be it new, used, rental, off-the-shelf, bespoke or anything else ends up at the end users’ facility and functions as intended. That will sometimes mean offloading and shipping, simple installation, or full-blown custom integration. I also handle post-commissioning support as well.


What do enjoy most about your job here at Key Plant?

My absolute favorite part of this job is being able to advance our customer’s skill set and capabilities. Through multi-national collaborative efforts, we can take a shop that is hot riveting steam powered locomotives together; and have them welding bore-to-bore Inconel overlay on the space shuttle trailer hitch 😉


What are your greatest challenges?

There are no challenges, ol’ son! Just opportunity to overcome adversity. 💪


What makes Key Plant stand out?

We aren’t salesmen trying to hit a quota – we live and breathe welding and precision engineering. Key Plant endeavour to help maximize our customers welding and fabrication throughput. In short, we provide the solution.