A PPC - Process Pipe Cell. A Compact and mobile pipe welding manipulator

Process Pipe Cell

Key Plant Automation’s Process Pipe Cell (PPC) is a compact and portable manipulator with programmable oscillation designed to revolutionise pipe welding productivity. Versatile and compatible with various welding power sources and wire feeders, including Miller PipeWorx and Lincoln Power Wave® systems, PPC allows for efficient root passes using advanced RMD or STT technology. Additionally, it offers precision during hot and cap passes, with a choice of solid, flux-core, or metal-core wire, all controlled by a programmable welding oscillator.

Machine Features
  • All positioning functions including welding head manipulator, oscillator, welding positioner & turning rolls are managed via a single control.
  • All welding functions are controlled via a remote interface
    Integrate multiple accessories: (Seam tracking, oscillation, AVC and more).
  • Various base options – fixed, caster wheels or track wheels for use with floor rail installations
  • UKCA / UL / CSA Options

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

Buy, Hire and Lease

Our products are available for both purchase and rental, offering flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Stocks

We maintain comprehensive stocks to ensure the availability of the equipment you require when you need it.

Special Builds

If you have unique requirements, we offer special design options tailored to your specific requests.

The benefits.

The advantages of utilising a Process Pipe Cell (PPC) by Key Plant Automation are numerous. This innovative system is not only easy to set up and operate, but it also effectively minimises weld operator errors, ensuring precision and consistency in your welding processes. Moreover, PPC significantly reduces welding time and labor costs, while simultaneously increasing deposition rates, productivity, and arc-on time. The result is not only efficiency but also improved weld aesthetics, meeting the highest industry standards. Additionally, the system prioritises operator comfort, reducing fatigue, and enhancing overall safety and productivity for your team. In essence, PPC offers a comprehensive solution to enhance every aspect of the pipe welding experience, making it a valuable asset in the industry.


ModelPPC Process Pipe Cell
Maximum Height Under boom84” (2134mm)
Minimum Height Under Boom29.5″ (750mm)
Lift Motor0.37kW
Boom Travel47″ (1200mm)
Column RotationManual 360º, Lockable
Control Box FunctionsUp/Down/Stop/Speed Control
Remote Pendant Control FunctionsUp/Down/Stop/Speed Control
Primary Input power115V with 220/240V option
Input Current at Rated Load16Amp
Overall Height93” (2370mm)
Weight1477lb (670kg)
Control Box Ingress Production RatingIP65
Optional/ExtrasMotorised In/Out Boom Travel

Options and Features

Weld Process

Machines can be supplied with SAW, GTAW, GMAW and K-TIG weld processes and integrated to various systems, such as narrow gap welding.

Pendant and Controls

Our manipulators come with either a wired standard pendant. We can also provide bespoke, wireless pendants, touch displays, and PLC control systems for special purpose project requirements.

Boom Travel

Choose from a motorised or manual option for the boom in/out travel.